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  Dalian good loan company is a professional loan Agency, the company on the financial markets. financing policy in the area of trends and changes in the market have unique insight and analysis, but also have a profound understanding and a high degree of sensitivity, and a number of banks, investment trusts and other financial institutions to establish a long-term and stable relationship of cooperation. Can provide customers with accurate, comprehensive, professional, high quality capital market solutions and benefits programmes.
Dalian smooth loan company of main business personnel, Dalian smooth loan company, and Dalian loan company, and Dalian small loan, and Dalian no mortgage loan, and Dalian personal loan, and Dalian short-term borrowing, and Dalian short-term loan, and Dalian small loan company, and Dalian no mortgage loan company, and Dalian mortgage loan, and Dalian property mortgage loan, and Dalian housing mortgage loan all are is financial, and investment, and management, and financial, aspects of professional talent, they not only solid capable, seeking, and and special dedicated. This guarantee of excellent service quality and efficiency. Product includes all individuals, the Bank loans, trust loans and financing services. Rich range of products, flexible and diverse. The staff of our company in the customer first, service first, business philosophy, dedicated to small and medium enterprise liquidity shortages and temporary difficulties in the business of personal support and help. Dalian smooth
loan company with accumulated resources: on the one hand relying on financial institutions, continue to recommend to its better customers, coordinate with the business of financial innovation; Through market research and more rigorous screening, established a wide range of enterprise and individual customers, playing the link between financial institutions and their clients, the role of bridges. Industry as a professional, powerful, standardized operation, strict risk controls, and more resilient to financial institutions. Founded in 2001, the registered capital of 200 million Yuan, the company since its establishment, been successful for small business loan financing and personal success is about 100 million Yuan. Company's long-term cooperation with all major banks and establish a solid partnership, through continuous business forms the basis of good reputation. Company is committed to providing business and personal loan provides a full range of advisory and loan services, including programme design, the repayment of the loan comparison, loan application and loan-related procedures, and through professional, individualized, one-on-one consulting services, create enterprise service platform for personal loans.

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