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Short-term working capital loans

short-term working capital loans refers to the Bank to the borrower for the normal production and operation or make liquidity loans to temporary liquidity needs.

is mainly used to compensate for the enterprises normal production and operation of temporary liquidity.
*  features
short-term working capital loan is the most major commercial bank credit, with great number, of short duration, interest rates are low, turnover is frequent and so on.
*  currency
Bank short-term liquidity loans including RMB, US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Hong Kong dollars, pound sterling and other major convertible currencies.

of the term in June, a maximum of one year (including one year).

*  interest rate loan rate set by the people's Bank of China's interest rate policy and the interest rate floating range implementation.

according to there is no way of security guarantees, can be divided into two types of credit loans and secured loans. Where: secured loans including loans, mortgage loans, mortgage loan of three.
/> *  settlement way settlement by Bank and loan customer consultation. Short-term working capital loan settlement settlement on a quarterly or monthly, specific settlement methods determined by the loan negotiations.


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