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Loan on personal guarantee

  personal guarantee loan to borrowers, by one or more natural persons to meet the conditions prescribed by our Bank provide a suretyship, or guaranteed by a Bank recognized professional company, performing insurance conditions of insurance companies and other firms against the security law requires (unincorporated), individual businesses, such as providing security for local-currency loans.  
business features
guarantees way diverse – – by a or a above meet I line provides conditions of natural provides joint responsibility guarantee, or by I line recognized of professional guarantees company, and has performance insurance conditions of insurance company provides guarantees, variety guarantees way;
lines high – – minimum amount for 10,000 yuan, highest can up 500,000 yuan;
repayment way flexible – – by months coupon one-time debt, and by months matching or by months decline, variety way can selected;
A one-stop financial services-Bank borrowers can also provide development of the credit card, personal wealth management, Bank safe deposit box, payment by an account, such as the personal financial services.
the expiration notice-the unique "Golden guardian" expiration SMS services, prompts you to prepare funding before the loan period expires, thoughtful and caring.
interest rate as announced by the people's Bank of China commercial bank lending rates over the same period provisions may fluctuate within the range specified in the people's Bank.


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