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Fixed rate balloon loan

  fixed rate balloon loan is Shenzhen Development Bank "balloon loan" an upgraded version of the product, is based on the original floating rate balloon loan products, providing customers with 3-year, 5-year fixed rate balloon loan products. Featured

products 1, fixed rate, lock the risk of rising interest rates in the future.
balloon loan products combined with fixed-rate, provides you with 3-year, 5 year fixed rate two products, help you lock in the interest rate rise in the short term risks, make your payments more secure. Fixed rate balloon loan interest rates:
5-year: 8.514%
2, low interest rates, savings in interest payments.
Select 3 year/5 year balloon loan and receive a 3 year/5 year interest rate, reduce the interest expense from higher interest rates for second homes for your budget allow you to loan less interest.
3, low monthly payments, reduce repayment pressures.
fixed rate balloon loan, you can choose up to 30-year time period to calculate the monthly payment, monthly payments are relatively low. Compared with the average 30-year mortgage, no increase in monthly payments, make your payments easier.


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