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Units mortgage loan

  If your business needs to purchase real estate, motor vehicles and equipment necessary for the operation of the assets, but no other property or substantial assets as collateral, you can apply to the Shenzhen Development Bank mortgage loan using Bank funds to buy the assets, without advance warning of other large-value guarantee.
for example, if your organization is itself engaged in the automotive industry, proposed the purchase of vehicles for rental operations, such as car rental, passenger and freight transport business, you can apply for a car mortgage loans to complete the financing. Mortgage
defined units, is provided to you by our Bank, mainly for the purchase of real estate, cars and equipment to meet your loan.
If your use to, I provide you to the mortgage loan may include: real estate mortgage loans, Auto reverse mortgage loans, equipment loans, etc.
as long as it is used by the industrial and commercial administrative departments (or competent authority) approved and registered by the enterprise (the thing), legal persons and other organizations, production and operation of normal, use of funds in accordance with national policies and capital requirements, with normal demand of purchasing real estate, cars and equipment, may apply to the Shenzhen Development Bank loans.

businesses do not need to furnish other security customer interest, simply use the loan funds to purchase real estate mortgages, cars and equipment to the Shenzhen development, helps you to use Bank funds in advance, meet the requirements of asset acquisition.

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